Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bottle Cap Magnets

Another mid-week post, shocking isn't it? Anyways, so I've been dabbling into bottle cap art and mixing it with my love for Stampin' Up! and have come up with the following magnet set. They are still missing the actual magnets and the epoxy covers, as I'm still waiting for them to be mailed to me. I used the Mixed Medley stamp set and the following colors: Basic Black, Whisper White, Real Red, Pretty in Pink, Wisteria Wonder, and Melon Mambo.

So my plan is to finish them (obviously), put them in a nice little metal box, and then add them to my Crafted with Class store and craft shows. The question I have is, how much would you be willing to pay for them? Everyone that response to my question will be entered to win some BLOG CANDY! What will it be? The set of completed magnets as shown above. You have a week to enter. If you'd rather just buy the completed set, it will be added to my store at once I establish a price.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. All in a cute metal box---i would say 5- 6. Very cute idea

  2. yep $5
    you could try crystal effects too n see how they look.

  3. Love the idea. I was thinking in the $5-7 range myself

  4. Very cute! I'm looking at making some bottle cap crafts too this year for the first time. I wondered - does the magnet sit on the inside of the bottle cap - and it has no problem sticking to things? I am just starting to look at samples and hadn't seen the image on the outside of the bottle cap before - but I like it!

    As for pricing I think that if it's in a pretty decorated metal box that can be reused for something else (not sure what I'd do with it once I got the magnets home) about $5-$7 sounds fair. Otherwise I might sell all 6 of them in a cello bag with a cute topper (and my contact info on back) for about $3.

  5. I was thinking $5 or $6.

    Great project. What kind of magnets are you using?

  6. I am thinking that 6 of the caps in a cello bag would be about $5 and, if in a cute metal tin, about $7.50.

    No sure way of knowing what folks will pay.

    Figure out your cost and add about 35% and then add some for your time.

  7. To figure the price to charge, I would triple the actual cost of your materials. If everything cost you $2, then I would charge $6.
    Thank you for a chance to win a set. These are a great craft fair idea!

  8. Love your bottlecaps, I make allot of them as well. I guess we are all in agreement depending on how you package them $5-7. Thanks for sharing.

  9. These are adorable! Love the idea and how nice they look. I think the $5-$6 is a good price.
    I would love to win these!!!! Thanks for the chance.
    snowdraak at msn dot com

  10. I'm thinking $8 for them in a tin. $1 for each and then $2 for the tin. It does depend on the cost of your materials.